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Over the weekend we upgraded our network infrastructure and released a major update to our version 6 system. All version 5 clients now have access to the new version 6 for no additional cost.

Version 6 has a number of new features including;

  • New styling, which is fully mobile responsive.
  • Subjects will now have secure access to a personal dashboard, this dashboard will show them all their assessments in one place and give them options to complete some self-assessments. The dashboard also has a weight and activity tracker and a library of factsheets selected for them. They can also see all their personalised fitness programmes.
  • You can now add your own assessment test, known as dynamic custom tests, which shows on the subject report.
  • Operators can set their own email signature for sending reports.
  • Segregation of Duties
  • You can upload medical files to a subject record.
  • Smart lookup tools prevent you adding the same subject twice.
  • Premium licence accounts will have access to advanced data services and automated communications modules

New Fitech Version 6 from Fitech Global on Vimeo.

Segregation of Duties

In addition to new features, we have also implemented segregation of duties to comply with UK data regualtions. This means that Administrator accounts only have access to application configuration options, thus they do not have access to assessment data. If you are using an Administrator account to add assessment data you will need to create a Operator account for yourself. To do this:

Login in to the dedicated admin portal

  1. Enter your username and your current password.
  2. Click the Manage Admin Staff tab
  3. Click Add new System User
  4. Now add yourself, you will need a different username, for example you could add a _op to the end of your current username. You can use the same email address

To enter assessments, login with your new credentials to the dedicated Operator portal which is .

In addition, Operator accounts must not be shared; this breaches both your licence agreement and the Data Protection Act. All operators must have their own accounts, they may use a personal email addresses as part of their identification profile.

Fitech Version 6 - Part 2 Advanced Operator Functions from Fitech Global on Vimeo.

Email Signature

A new feature in version 6 is the ability to set the send from email address for subject reports, thus an Operator’s personal email will not be used, but a group email address can be used instead. When adding / updating Operator accounts you will see under the email field and option, which sets which email address to send from.

If you using the new Fitech version 6 you can now create your own email signature and set the send from email address.

To do this:

1. Login in to

2. Click the ‘My Profile’ option at the top

3. Update your details! That’s it. Job done

Subject Dashboard

Fitech version 6 also gives the subject access to a personal dashboard which holds all of their personal assessments in one place. The dashboard also has to further self-help tools.

Subjects access the dashboard via a personal unique link, which is emailed to them at end of the assessment data input process when using version 6 only.

The subject dashboard is secured by a personal identification number (PIN), this number will be contained in the email. Once logged in the subject can change the PIN.

FREE Training and Assistance

For further information on these updates or to arrange a online training session please call us on 0118 324 0061 option 2 or email

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