Adding Consultation Notes & Messages

Recording Notes

You can record unlimited notes for each Subject. By default, the notes are private, meaning that only the Operator can see them. You can elect to share the note with the Subject when enabled the Subject can review the note from the Subject Dashboard.

Consultation notes

You can add free text consultation report to the end of the assessment.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. On the final page of adding an assessment, you have an option to 'Add Consultation notes'. Click on the button. By default, the consultation note is only visible to the Operator. To enable the Subject to see the note and for that notes inclusion on the report, you must set the visibility to 'Shared.'

  2. The other way is from the home dashboard. With the Subject loaded, click on the 'Notes' tab then click add Notes/Message. Under the Note options, there is a drop-down box to enable you to associate the note with a specific assessment. You can associate multiple notes with the same assessment. To enable the Subject to see the note and for that notes inclusion on the report, you must set the visibility to 'Shared.'

Sending Messages / Notifications

A copy of a notes can also be sent via email to the Subject, or a notification message can be sent to alert the Subject that there is a note for review on their Subject Dashboard. For example, you may wish to share some results from test which you do not want to send via email.

Messages from Subjects

If enabled by your application administrator, Subjects can send messages directly from their Subject Dashboard. A message read notification will be sent to the Subject when their note is read. All Operators can review messages from Subjects.

If a Subject’s message is unread for 7 or more days, a notification will be sent to your system administrator. If notes are not read after 10 days, the function for sending messages will be disabled.

To see messages from Subjects, click on the ‘Message’ Option at the top of the screen when logged in as an Operator.

Subject Flags

When a Subjected is loaded on the home screen you will note that there is a status bar which shows the Subject’s full name, gender, month and year of birth and (if one is registered) their email address. This status bar will turn orange if the subject has a note recorded against them which has the Important flag set to YES.

The purpose of the Flag is to alert Operators to the existence of the Important note, and that the note should be reviewed whenever the Subject is loaded. When the intent of the Flag becomes irrelevant you can set the Important flag back to No. This will turn the status Subject status bar white.

Adding a Note/Message

To add a note:

  • Load a Subject
  • Click on the Notes ‘tab’
  • Click Add Note/Message button

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