Set Safe Alcohol Limits


You will require an Administrator account to make configuration changes to the safe alcohol limits.

This configuration menu will enable you to set a variety of protocols around the safe drinking limits. The default setting are set for the United Kingdom, you should seek local advice on your own national/organisational limits.

  1. The safe limits per week by male or female.
  2. The number of units consumed in a single session considered to be binge drinking.
  3. Set the unit value of typical drinks, for example in Ireland they use standard measures, which are not the same as the United Kingdom units.Here you can calibrate the units by drinks.
  4. Provide the reference detailing where you obtained the safe drinking protocol you are using. This will appear on the subjects report.

Where entering an assessment, the ‘tool tip’ next to the Alcohol section will show the settings you have made for your safe drinking protocol.

  1. Go to and log in to
  2. Click the Modify Details Tab
  3. Scroll down to Set Safe Alcohol Limits
  4. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Application

You will note the name and date of the last changes made to the Safe Alcohol Limits section.

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