Adding Configurable codes/fields

The Fitech application allows additional custom data points which you can add and update either during an assessment or from within the Operator portal. The purpose of these fields is to provide a location to store information specific to the person (Subject) as opposed to the assessment which will change. The key difference is there is only ever one singe entry, thus is you change an entry in a configurable code it overwrites the original where as an assessment records the results at that instance the previous results can be reviewed.

The data stored in them is small, for medical/consultation notes there is a special section, details here.

These additional data points can be used filter reports and or as a means to collect additional information that does not relate to any physical measures. For example, you could have a field to ask which department do they work in or location.

Adding and arranging the fields is very simple, you can have a maximum of 20. Inputting data into configurable fields is done in the Operator screen with the subject loaded and during the assessment process if the option to see configurable codes has been set in the template.

To set up the configurable fields;

Step 1 – Adding the fields

1. Log in as an admin to

2. Click the Manage > Configurable Codes

3. Now click the blue button next to Add Additional Configurable Codes

4. A box will pop up, select the field type you would like including any default values. You can also make the field compulsory by checking the ‘Required’ box

5. When done click save

6. If you create more than one field, you will see next to each one blue up and down arrows. These enable you to reposition the order of the fields.

New Fitech Version 6 from Fitech Global on Vimeo.

Step 2 – Optional

If you want to be able to update/add data to these fields during an assessment process you will need to ensure that the assessment template has this option included. To do this;

1. Log in as an Operator to

2. Click on the Admin tab at the top

3. Select Manage Assessment Templates

4. For each template you would like this on, click edit

5. In the top panel make sure the Configurable Codes option is set to Yes

The other way to access a Subjects configurable codes is to;

1. Logged in as an Operator to

2. Load a Subject by searching for them and selecting their name

3. Towards the top, you will see the Subjects name in the menu bar Home / Dashboard / Subject Name; Click on their name

4. Now click the black button call Configurable Codes

5. If you make any changes click the Update button at the bottom

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